Case successfully installed deep, 5 foot diameter secant piles.

The project

The Red Rock Hydroelectric Project, located at the existing Red Rock Dam, diverts water from the existing sluice and spillway outlets of the dam to a new powerhouse with twin turbine-generator units.

The challenge

Crews worked through the bitter winter months on a limited work platform. This made it especially difficult to lift the large cages into place during construction.

The solution

During upstream construction, Case-Bencor JV installed diaphragm walls at depths of 135 feet with 35 feet embedment into rock, secant walls to depths of 135 feet with 35 feet into rock, and drilled shafts 110 feet deep with 35 feet into rock. Downstream power house construction consisted of an anchored secant pile wall 73 feet deep and drilled shafts 62 feet deep. Close attention was paid to access and site restrictions. Coordination efforts and clear communication between Case Foundation, Bencor, and the contractor helped to keep things moving forward and on schedule.

Project Facts


Western Minnesota Municipal Power Agency

Main Contractor(s)

Ames Construction

Keller Business Unit(s)

Case Foundation