Deep foundations are constructed elements or systems that are used to transmit axial loads to underlying competent soil strata or rock.

Buildings, bridges, and dams are all types of structures that often require deep foundation systems due to their size and weight.

Case Foundation specializes in the installation of drilled shafts, also known as caissons, a commonly used deep foundation system for heavy loads. A variation of the drilled shaft is the auger cast pile. In both techniques, a shaft is drilled out of the ground to a specific length or elevation. A reinforcing steel cage and concrete or high strength grout fills the drilled shaft and completes the deep foundation element. The load placed on the drilled shaft or auger cast pile is transferred to an underlying bearing stratum or rock either through end bearing and/or skin (side) friction.

Case Foundation has extensive experience in deep foundations projects. Some notable projects we have worked on include: the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago, IL; 1-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge in Minneapolis, MN; and the Red Rock Dam Hydro-Electric Project in Pella, IA.