Earth Retention & Shoring retains soil that is part of a natural, unstable slope or a man-made excavation and supports existing adjacent structures.

Some types of earth retention or systems for support of excavation require that support walls be resistant to water infiltration or very stiff to enable deeper excavations with small deformations. Other types require excavation support walls to be founded into rock and double as a deep foundation for the planned building. These types of earth retention systems have been used to facilitate the construction of many structures, including underground parking or in Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) projects to support the excavation of large diameter drop shafts. Case Foundation has the experience and capability to create these walls using secant piles or structural diaphragm walls.

Case Foundation also performs drilling and setting of H-Section or wide flange beams for soldier pile retaining walls. For this method, a shaft is drilled, the steel section is set on location and plumbed, and concrete encasement is then placed at the bottom of the shaft below the planned excavation.