CFA Piles (Auger cast) are a deep foundation element installed by rotating a continuously flighted hollow stem auger into the soil to a specified depth.

Technical Details

Concrete or grout is pumped under pressure through the hollow shaft as the auger is slowly withdrawn, resulting in a pile element that can be built in unstable soils and beneath the water table. Auger rotation is always kept clockwise during withdrawal to promote migration of soil up the auger flight to ensure a continuous uncontaminated concrete or grout column. The resulting concrete or grout column cures and forms an auger cast pile. Steel reinforcing can be installed while the concrete or grout is still fluid to aid in lateral and tension design forces as required. Auger cast pile diameters range from 12 to 24 inches (2 inch increments). Larger elements of 30, 36, and 42 inches have also been installed.

Our Experience

Case Foundation installed 1,000 auger cast piles for BP’s OCC Expansion project in Whiting, Indiana and more than 4,600 auger cast piles for the Coker Pillar in East Chicago, Indiana. 1,323 piles were installed for Monsanto’s 2008 facility expansion in Farmer City, Illinois. Florida condominiums including Paradiso and The Sage in St. Petersburg, Phillippi Landing in Sarasota, and Brightwater Pointe on Clearwater Beach are all founded on auger cast piles by Case Foundation.